Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Welcome To Fashion Recipes,Augeboga Lvers 

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Monday, June 6, 2011

So Far by the Sea...

It’s been two months since I moved to Tela, so far so great!...Here’s a little bit of some things that I’ve been doing in this beautiful place,check it out

It was my b'day days ago, and my friend bought this cute cake for me. I was really really happy because, most of the time I don't expect people presents or anything nice(just from my family), but I did have a great time, I even went to San Pedro to hang out with my friends from there(which I really miss a lot) but my favorite part was the cake and the nice birthday wishes I had from everybody,thank you very much.

I really love Sponge Bob(especially his square pants)

Sweet 22!!!!!

Days ago, I got off work, and went to the beach.I live like 50 steps away from the beach, the sun was perfectly smiling for pictures, so I had to take advantage of him...Dresses with open backs are my fav,  you can wear them for both day and night, or for sunset in this case. The first thing that may come to mind for many people when they think of open back dresses is a night out, but as open back dresses are becoming more popular, designers are creating them for many more occasions nowadays.

This is my neighbor Andy,with his great star tattoos. The first time I met him, he didn't had that star on his neck neither on his shoulder, and like 4 weeks ago, all of a sudden one day he appeared on my apartment, with his groovy mood and a bit bleeding from his neck and I was like "Andy did you just get another star?"...and he suddenly responded "Hell yes!!!" I personally would never tattoo myself, I don't see myself with any paint in my body, but I do like how it looks on others body. Andy's going to tattoo himself again, I for sure will take pictures from his new tattoo!

I was opening the door to get in my apartment, when I found this little buddy in the doorknob. There are a lot of lizards here where I live. They are in my 10 favorite animals list.This was a baby one, and was really not scared of me at all, actually he posed for many pictures for me.

Old buildings are great for photoshoots, a live nearby one, and when I first moved here, everybody used to tell me creepy stories about it, and people used to asked me "Have you seen any ghosts yet?" and I was like "No,I haven't,but I wish". Im not really scared about ghosts or any paranormal activities, otherwise im excited about it and it's maybe because I haven't experienced anything like that, the day that I experience something, I will for sure blog about it.

So, my friend(which is really scared of ghost) and I went to "Club House" a.k.a "The Old Building" to take some pictures for Fashion Recipes. To tell you the truth I was very excited, just to be in a place where is haunted really caught my attention.Nothing happened,no one scared us,no ghosts,no creepy sounds,no nothing, just birds and squirrels,that was about it.Hope you like the pics!

It is always important to have navy accesories and clothes!

It's a crime not to wear sunglasses when your neighbor is the sea...