Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ferris Wheel(Fun Ride)

I just started my internship at this beach hotel call Telamar.It’s been three weeks since I move to Tela city, and I have to say it is a new whole different exciting experience.Also it’s going to be very difficult for me to post almost every week or every two weeks, because now I barely have time for myself,since I have to work  every single day and it happens to be that my shifts change every three days, so I don’t have an established schedule like other people.So I apologize for that, but this is just life happening to me now haha.

To be honest,I haven’t  had the time to go out and sneak around Tela,but days ago I went to this Playland Park, and it was really interesting what I found there,to tell you a secret, im such a coward for this kind of parks, I never ever ever take rides on them,because most of the time im scared or I just chickened out.One of my friends says that my perfect disaster date would be on one of those parks,and for sure she’s  right!

I'll take you round round round...na na na...I remember U Aldo! :)

                                                               Mr. Junior!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer Fashion Week,Honduras 2011

<Aldo Alonso Marcucci>

First edition of Summer Fashion Week Honduras 2011 began with a mix of contrasts and trends inspired by Latino women freshness. Warm colors, patterns and urban styles contrast boreal summer in San Pedro Sula Honduras with the proposals of sophistication of each single designer.

The end of SFW was on Friday night.It all started by acclaimed designer Aldo Alonso Marcucci’s runway,who had invited talented national singers Sherry & Sheyla,to open his runway with their new single “Fun Ride”. His amazing catwalk, inspired in a carousel, included nice garments in floral shades,fuchsia bathing su
its,aqua dresses and vests,trendy shorts and skirts and of course white harem pants. 

If you can see,our make up was really natural and beautiful.

Aldo with Sherry & Sheyla

Outfit by Aldo Alonso Marcucci

This nice earings were Aldo's gift for each of his models.

You will always be my favorite designer,I love U!!!
Congrats Aldito!

All runway pictures by: Natalia Andonie