Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glitter MUST haves!

I remember whe I saw the first pair of glitter shoes, and it was on The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy appeared with those intense red glitter beautiful pair of shoes.Those were the first glitter shoes to be shown on TV I guess.

For many women these likely won't be for daily use,which I totally agree. Many people think you should only wear these shoes at night,and that is SO WRONG! 'cause I've wear mines even at school,and they look really fabulous.Many girls on the other hand already know any day is a good day for these shoes. This is likely due to the fact that unlike women, girls have the freedom to wear any style of shoe for nearly any occasion. It's not often will see a grown woman wearing sparkly TOMS to work.

I consider every girl should have at least one pair of glitter shoes,they're just FABULOUS!

                   Louboutins Oxfords

                           Louboutins incredible Pumps!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strip Me

                (If you cannot watch this video here,just look for it on youtube,the song is called "Strip Me")

A really couple days ago, I was staying up very late (as usual) and so I was changing channels, and all of sudden this video was on MTV, and it really caught my eye,because it's been a while since we've heard from Natasha Bedingfield since her song "Unwritten"during "The Hills"theme song every week.What really caught my eye of course were all the amazing outfits.Seriously I can't stop listening to this song!!

 This is my second fav outfit...loved the necklace <3 and the deep blue blazer.

                           THIS IS MY FAVORITE!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


 Originated in India, harems are baggy long pants apered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area.They were first made for belly dancers,because they define pretty well every woman’s silhouette. If you remember in the Disney movie “Aladdin” Jasmine wears a pair of blue harems.  You’ve probably seen this type of pants also in Vanilla’s “Ice Ice Baby” video or in any other 80’s music videos.

They started to be a trend since Spring/Summer 09 and they are intended to be made more fashionable and less fabric requirement.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar's 2011 BEST DRESSED!

The biggest stars of the red carpet on Sunday night were not the stars
themselves, but their incredible gounds.There’s no excuse in the world to look terrible at Oscar’s night, I mean c’mon you have an entire year to prepare your special dress, so excuses leave them at home!

As usual, I didn’t saw the red carpet last Sunday; I told you before I’m not a red carpet lover(but as a blogger I have to do it), and actually I wasn’t going to post about this special red carpet. Until my friend Mary requested me to do it, and then the next day at school another friend asked me to post about it, and I was like, oh well, let’s do it!

I couldn't decide who was going to be te most shining star of the night, so I decided that Halle Berry and Hilary Swank,were the ones shining above all the other stars.

Hilary Swank in Gucci

Halle Berry in Marchesa

Camila Alvez in Kaufaman Franco

Rhea Durham in Naeem Khan

Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott

                                                           Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. I personally didn't like this dress,but I really loveeed the texture and color, I would've prefered the top to be different,and maybe I would've liked it.

                                           Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier(beautiful dress)

Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer

Michelle Williams in Chanel(amazing!)

                                        Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

                                Natalie Portman in Rodarte

                                  Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana

                                   Marissa Tomei in Charles james

                                                          Sandra Bullok in Vera Wang

Jacki Weaver in Collete Dinigan

Florence Welch in Valentino

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa,this dress was totally fabulous,I love the color,I love the hair,her make-up,everything!!!...For the record,she helped sketching the desing.