Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going Boho...

Comes from the old fashion called “Hippie Chic”, Boho style features a harmonious mix of hippies, grunge, folks, ethnic and vintage. Many people say it was invented to make thrift-store clothes “cool” or to make “retro” clothes “in” again, others just say it was invented by retailers in order to peddle their old styles, and reduce design cost.

There are many sayings about why it was invented, but who cares why?

Many celebrities like Sienna Miller (Queen of Boho),Mary-Kate Olsen,Mischa Barton,Vanessa Hudgens,Kate Moss and Nicole Richie have taken a
fresh twist on the bohemian style with glam, glitter and rock!

     Pieces needed to compose a Boho look: gowns, long skirts, floral prints, denim jackets, long dresses, fringed cowboy boots, suede, maxi bags, steering wheels, tie-dye prints, bat sleeve, long tees (shirts or long dresses), robes and many accessories.

      Also Necklaces, sunglasses, hats, booties,sandals, scarves and belts are items that enhance the visual and increase the bohemian atmosphere. Natural fabrics, leather and suede pieces in earth tones and wood accessories.

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