Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glitter MUST haves!

I remember whe I saw the first pair of glitter shoes, and it was on The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy appeared with those intense red glitter beautiful pair of shoes.Those were the first glitter shoes to be shown on TV I guess.

For many women these likely won't be for daily use,which I totally agree. Many people think you should only wear these shoes at night,and that is SO WRONG! 'cause I've wear mines even at school,and they look really fabulous.Many girls on the other hand already know any day is a good day for these shoes. This is likely due to the fact that unlike women, girls have the freedom to wear any style of shoe for nearly any occasion. It's not often will see a grown woman wearing sparkly TOMS to work.

I consider every girl should have at least one pair of glitter shoes,they're just FABULOUS!

                   Louboutins Oxfords

                           Louboutins incredible Pumps!


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