Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 My friend Lia a.k.a "Mon Amie" asked me to go with her to buy some fabrics for her X-Mas and New Year's outfits.Personally I don't know much (for not saying anything) about fabrics,everytime I've been on fabric shopping I've always asked for advice first or simply I just choose the fabric I like the most.Hope one day I learn the name of some fabrics and learn how to distinguish between them. After buying her fabrics we went to the"couturier"(seamstress).I took a trip around the seamstress house, I found very colorful threads and many different types of zippers.I was very excited to be around many sewing things,even though I cannot sew.

These are beautiful pieces you can add to your garment.

These colors were my favorite.

I love animal print

This purple printed fabric was the one Lia chose for her New Year's Outfit.

There was this lady who was wearing those Chanel type of flats...I had to take a picture of them.I really liked them.

Where the magic happens!

What I'm wearing:
-Zara black ripped Jeans
-AC/DC T-Shirt
-Black Blazer
-Metallic Flats

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