Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lutfi Janania's Private Sale

So, yesterday I went to Lutfi's private sale, for some of you,Lutfi is one of Honduras best fashion designers.I couldn't get to see him at FWH10 so it was a MUST for me to go yesterday.I got to say, I was amazed by all his designs, I think I can describe Lutfi's collection in one word: CLASSY!

Congrats Mon Amour.

Elevator pictures are cool!!

For me,this is Lutfi's MASTER PIECE!

Love It!

What I liked the most,were the darker colors he used in all his collection.

I fell in love with this mini vintage dress,it is perfect!

So,I had to try it on....

I had an olive long velvet vest on,also a brown belt.

I have to call this one, "THE CROW"

See,it reminded me  of "The Crow",really elegant.

Beautiful Blouses.

Blue vest with layered lace....

My favorite part was the back,cause it has this tiny things(I don't know the name) that make this "Chin Chin" sound everytime you move.

Metallic skirt,it really fits pretty well...

The "Morticia" dress...what I liked the most of this dress are those really beautiful jewerly details it has on the sleeves.

The strange visitor...

Wonderful jackets!

Lutfi and crew

Tul Black Skirt.

Lovely piece...

Everybody loved the skirts.

And I loved how you wore those jeans...

Tres Belles!

Me with 3D glasses watching Estilo Fashion Spread December.

Getting her ready...


Cho's fabulous watch.

Lutfi and I (haha we have the same pose)

His book

Sorry for the blurry not quite a great photographer :(...
What I'm wearing:
-Vintage Grey Blazer
-Day a Day Accesories
-Basic Zara Shirt
-Zara boyfriend jeans
-Grey Converse bag
-Vintage Glitter Shoes

Sorry if I dont show all his collection,but most pieces were already sold out!


  1. Absolutely what's the word? Stunning!? Glamorous!? Spectacular!? Could I make an own word with those words? Keep you work up love it!

  2. Thnk U very much chinito (-,-)....(K)