Saturday, December 4, 2010

X-mas Cravings

Well it's December time!...and everybody's thinking about gifts,food and party...I was thinking long days ago, what things I could give to myself, and it came to my mind a huge list of things I would love to have for Xmas, and guess what incredibly enough for the first time in my life,the least things in my list are clothes,I KNOW! It is so weird.Anyway, this Xmas I would like to buy many shoes and some bags,obviously I will buy some clothes but not as much as other times.

Here are some pictures of things I woud like for Xmas....

These are Steve Madden Pumps..I've been wanting these shoes since very long time ago,you've got no idea!

Isn't this cute?...Lately I've been so traumatized with everything that has to do with sailing,not that I have a boat...but I really like those trends related to sailors.

Told ya! so into boat shoes or yachtt shoes,whatever you want to call them...Actually im so buying these ones this Xmas.

Ahhhh!...I've been wanting these type of bags like forever!!!!...I want them in black,white and blush...I woud love to have an original Chanel from these.

Like two weeks ago I went to ALDO store, and they had a bag like this one.What caught my eye it wasn't the bag really,it was the color,Im so into "Camel" nowadays, I want "Camel" color shoes and "Camel" color bags and "Camel"color oxfords.

Oxfords!...Im an oxford lover,these are Deenas and Ozzy's...and guess what?...YES!!!..I order them TODAY!...can't wait for them woooooo!!!

Just look at them, they're amazing!!!!....I don't know why im a sucker for tennis shoes,for me are so comfy and wearable and even better if they are covered up with glitter.
Yes, an iPod...I think everyone should have one, hope Santa gives me mine this Xmas.

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